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YouTube Launches New Tool To Help Brokers Locate Additional Capacity finishes the year strong with yet another great new tool to help brokers and shippers located additional truck capacity. "View Clicks" is now available for all load posting accounts and provides the broker or shipper the ability to see who viewed/clicked their load.

“We are all excited to offer a valuable tool to our load providers at no charge. It's a definite win-win for everybody as owner-operators will be getting many more calls to fill their trucks.” said Loarn Metzen, VP of™.

The "View Clicks" feature is located within your load management page (ie. My Loads). The new column is called "View Clicks". By clicking the expand (+) icon, you will see who clicked your load(s).

Once you expand the row, you can see the company that clicked/viewed your load along with their phone number, insurance on file, authority, rating/rank and most importantly age (ie. how long ago did the member click/view your load).

Keep in mind that our system only displays the most recent companies (max. 5) that viewed your online load. Users can opt-out from being contacted. This may reduce the number of results versus view clicks.

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