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123Loadboard... going green!

Running our company in an environmentally friendly way is good for the world and good for our business. We're working to reduce waste and conserve energy, and are exploring the use of sustainable materials and products.

- Beverage container recycling
- Paper & carton recycling
- Composting in company cafeterias

New Loadboard Design's front-end has been newly re-designed to adjust to the changing times. It was developed on the Microsoft .NET framework which combines unprecedented developer productivity with performance, reliability, and deployment. In plain English, it allows you to create great webpages with far less coding than classic websites, therefore dramatically increasing overall speed and compatibility.

In addition,™ now manages application request over multiple servers by using load balancing technologies to dramatically improve speed and throughput.

2005 T-Shirt Image and Slogan Contest

After a 1,674 slogan suggestions provided by our members, we selected "Post. Find. Haul. Easy as 1, 2, 3!". Thanks for all your support.

Mid America Truck Show Louisville Kentucky March 2005

More tradeshow picscan be found at