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YouTube updates mileage and routing tool.

123Loadboard has updated the mileage and routing tool. PC*MILER has released their “Q3-2009 Routing and Map Data Update”.

Now, available to our members the following data enhancements:
  • 79,000 new miles of roadway added, that’s a total of 104,000 miles added since the release of Version 23
  • 150,000 miles roads were repositioned to ensure routing accuracy
  • 150 counties were updated with new road network files, street-level addresses, repositioned streets and roads, and street address range updates
  • Metropolitan areas in this release with significant data updates include:
    - Northeast: Bradford and Wayne County, PA
    - Midwest: Douglas and Marinette County, WI; Otter Tail County, MN; Phelps County, MO
    - South: Washington and Tazewell County, VA; Colquitt County, GA; Parmer, McCulloch and Swisher County, TX
    - West: Franklin and Douglas County, WA; Rio Arriba County, NM
  • Updated and enhanced height restrictions/allowances in Washington, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago and Saint Louis.