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YouTube™ Launches New Freight Matching Technology “Load Planner” To Help Professional Truck Drivers Locate Freight, Reduce Deadhead Mileage and Increase Profitability™, a leading internet load board for the transportation industry, has launched their newest load planning technology to help professional truck drivers save time and maximize their profits by effectively planning ahead by taking into consideration driving time, deadhead mileage, fuel and toll costs. Load Planner reduces the time required to locate a sequence of the highest potential paying loads to plan a trip without having to perform countless load searches.
“We’re excited to be at the forefront of technology by offering another valuable instrument to our valued members. In keeping with our commitment to simplifying life for the owner operator, our Load Planner tool gives professional truck drivers the ability to plan ahead multiple loads over a selected period of time, given an origin and an optional final destination. Then with the help of our state-of-the-art freight search engine, we locate a sequence of the most profitable loads taking into account total mileage, driving time, deadhead mileage, fuel and toll costs.” said Loarn Metzen, VP of™.
Load Planner 1.0
Trip Revenue/profitability Analysis

Load Planner

“The Load Planner automatically sorts trip based on profitability. This ensures that you will always work with the most profitable loads. Should you remove a load from a trip, our system will automatically search for the next highest paying load to complete your trip. The end result is exactly what professional truck drivers are looking for – increased profitability and more time spent with their families.” continued Loarn.
“Now with Load Planner doing the leg work, truckers will have more time to find the ideal loads, routes and best rates to maximize their profits. Unlike some competitor tools that limit the amount of loads per trip and don’t calculate profitability, our Load Planner returns multiple trips each consisting of one or more loads with revenue/profitability and trip analysis. The ability to capitalize profits at the touch of a button will translate into less research and more time to determine how you plan on spending that extra profit!” said AJ Sansoye, Director of Operations at™.
Load Planner 1.0 - Intro Video

About™ provides shippers, carriers, owner-operators and brokers the most comprehensive online freight and truck matching services. By applying the latest technologies,™ delivers to members pertinent trucking tools to overcome challenges such as freight matching, load planning, credit, compliance issues and routing, while keeping costs affordable. Founded in 2003,™ is a trusted partner to the ever evolving trucking industry. For more information, visit

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