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Google Maps now available in's PC*MILER Mileage and Routing Tool has just released an enhancement to their mileage and routing tool provided by PC*MILER. The improvement gives members the ability to also view mileage and routing results using Google Maps.

"It's sort of cliched but we are continuously striving to become a one-stop shop for owner-operators and brokers. Adding Google Maps to our already well-established PC*MILER mileage and routing tool is yet another step closer to achieving that goal. Our members can now benefit from Google's convenient way to peruse maps, find points of interest and get directions." said Loarn Metzen, VP of™.

The advantages of using Google Maps:

Map Views
One of the biggest advantages of Google maps is the three different map views it supplies. There is a normal map view, a satellite image view and a terrain view.

The simplicity of Google maps is an often overlooked advantage. The mapping and routing is very cut and dry. It does what it needs to do without confusing the user with unnecessary bells and whistles.

The Zoom Feature
Google Maps allows users to easily zoom in and out using their mouse or the zoom tool on the map itself. Google Maps provides significantly faster display when panning or zooming than other mapping applications.

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